Current Projects

So… progress…

I am currently working on two major projects in the world of fiction:

  1. A┬ánovella entitled “Grand Eagle – Lies” that may or may no become a trilogy of novellas that would, in the end, be the length of a single novel.
  2. A novel (potentially) that is currently untitled but that I am truly enjoying. It’s a story of loss, falling from grace, and redemption.

Currently the most progress is being made on the untitled novel, mainly because the muse keeps blowing wind into that sail. The novella is completed, editing is all that’s left. To be honest, editing is a wall that my muse simply refuses to climb on most days. I’m lucky if I get one good day of editing in every month, so it’s going slow.

Once “Grand Eagle” is finished I’ll be self-publishing that one. I’ve even got the cover already completed:

Cover image for "Grand Eagle"

It will be published with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), the same as my first publication. For those that don’t know, that first publication was a collection of four short stories entitled “Love and Darkness: A Collection of Short Stories.” You can find that one on Amazon for 99 cents. If you’re interested you can buy the eBook here.

That pretty much brings us up to date on the current projects, I’ll post more detailed information about the separate works as progress is made. Other than that I’m working on a couple freelance projects (and looking for more, so if you’re looking for a writer, let me know! More information here), starting a new day-job in just over a week, and spending as much time as possible with my fiance in an effort to keep my sanity this holiday season.